1. Plating

Most metals have the capacity to oxidize (to rust) as a result of air, water, various cleaning chemicals, the sea or seawater among others. In order to protect them from oxidization, a very good method is to plate them with materials that possess great durability to the causes of their decay.


The stages of plating, in copper plating, nickel plating and chrome plating are the application of copper, nickel, chrome to the surface of an object using electrolysis in order to become one body with it, after it has been cleaned from rust, paint, oils etc. and polished with grinders, in order to have a clean and smooth surface for the best possible application.

2. Repairs

In rusted parts we remove rust with a chemical solution without eroding their surface. We repair bumps, scratches, and where needed we weld, in order to restore their original form. In difficult cases depending on our discussion we cooperate with specialized professionals for the best possible result.

3.Types of Plating

Plating can be performed on metals like iron, copper, bronze, aluminum and various alloys like zamak among others. Furthermore, beyond chrome we can plate with 24K gold, brass, black nickel or copper. We can achieve a bright, matte or satin surface, depending on the customer’s wishes. In stainless steel we can have bright, matte or satin surface or even plate with chrome.