Chrome Genesis is a plating and restoration company in Athens, located specifically in Peristeri.

Our company was established in 1995 and managed to remain in business through high standards of quality at competitive prices!

Here in Chrome Genesis we specialize in chrome, copper, nickel, gold and brass plating which we can apply on copper, bronze, iron, zamak and steel with the exception of stainless steel which we can only plate with chrome.


Big part of our experience in plating is acquired by our work in parts from boats, motorcycles and cars.


Furthermore, we provide bright and dull options for nickel plating, satin chrome finishes, lacquering of gold/brass/copper plated parts and matte variants for our plating options.

Cleanup of old parts is done entirely by us. Our process is: removing all paint, rust, oils and past plating in order to get to the original surface of each part from where we can begin carefully polishing down as much damage done from oxidization as possible without compromising their durability.


Refer to Chrome Genesis, in Athens, for the plating of various metallic parts.

Our training and specialization allows us to know which exact process is needed for each part.

With plating, the various metallic parts are protected by rust, which in turn extends their lifespan, while at the same time being able to acquire the look you desire (bright, matte, satin surface).